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Weapons of Mass Hysteria


How You Can Help Scare People into Voting for Attila

What are people most frightened of? Spiders? Heights?

Remember, the unfair law of Gravity?

We are currently working on sound bytes to brainwash the population that they must vote Attila or else.

"This empire must come down, so say the gravity advocates."

Well, if gravity has such a hold on me, why can't I hold down my lunch? Remember, gravity is a hoax.

"They lied to you about Gravity, what else are they lying about?"

Have you ever noticed that most gravity advocates are big, fat slobs? They claim that gravity has as much pull on a little feather as it does on them. Why don't they just go to the Gym?

Send us your anti-gravity quotes, and other soundbytes, together we can pull enough weapons of Mass Hysteria to make an Emperor out of Attila!

And don't forget the threat that little men in caves pose to the Empire!


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