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Exchange Student

Roman Exchange Student

Where I learned that:

This empire needs a nappy change!

Being a hostage in Rome kinda stinks.

Oh, but by growing up in a foreign country I'm more qualified to be emperor than say, Elizabeth Barnett, because I understand foreigners better than I do my own people.

There were strange things in Rome that other parts of the world don't have. toilets, baths, and giant arenas called Amphitheatres where men fight against lions and elephants.

I also learned the enemy's battle tactics, which will help in my foreign policy. The romans tend to formate into a Tortoise, and rather than fighting for individual glory fight for a pension and perhaps even a place in the senate.

Note: Fight along Attila, and you'll have a pension, a place in the senate, and your very own pet tortoise called Bob.

All this education was very useful in my later career as a barbarian warlord.

Remember, at team Attila, Booty is the Bottom line™.


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