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Young Warrior

Attila, The Young Warrior

This empire needs a nappy change!

As a young warrior, it's true, I fought against Rome! We also fought for Rome. In fact, we fought for the highest bidder.

Lessons of Capitalism

The Hunnish society is the perfect example of applied capitalism in a mercenary state. We worked to build up our military, then used that military to advance the Hunnish economy, then used that money to expand the Hunnish family.

Remember, at team Attila, Booty is the Bottom line™.

Booty is part of Hunnish culture. If there's no money, no blood, and no broads in it, it's not worth a Hun's time.

But soon after learning these lessons, I had to learn the less efficient culture of the so-called civilized Romans, when I was a Roman Exchange Student.


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