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Vandals for Attila

Vandals have always been a big part of Attila's Urban renewal project. Why, because they help us take out the trash.

You see, sometimes there are those old buildings you just can't get rid of.

You know, complete eyesores with composite columns, naked statues of people you never heard of, and marble floassyrianors that are too shiny to play football on.

We want to replace these old eyesores with gigantic amphitheatres (or er, stadiums) and monuments to our power, but some people are just too attached to the past.

They prefer their pretty little art treasures to their Colosseums, their peaceful little parks to their Millenium Domes.

At team Attila, we use Vandals to help deface old buildings and monuments so that reconstruction and design change becomes a matter of health and safety.

And with help from voters like you, we can get rid of the original plans for the building, and replace tranquility with centres for commerce.

Vote Attila, because booty is the bottom line.


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