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Goths for Attila

Ostrogoth, Visigoth or Sadistigoth, Attila's got a place in his Horde for you.

Goths are a victim of Global warming. Their land was flooded, and naturally they went South to Rome to look for refuge. But did they find it?

I say unto you Nay! Instead they found hostile armies who called them "Barbarians". Well, at team Attila we're proud to be called Barbarians.

Goths have been part of the Horde since before Attila was even born. We have been foederati together.

Sometimes, Huns have fought against Goth, and Goth against Hun. History hasn't always put us on the same side.

But we can fight together and win. Join team Attila, proudly sport your dog collar, and fight alongside the Horde.

Your clothing may be dark, but with Attila your Goth future is bright.

Vote Attila today.


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