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Declare War on Persia

Come on, you know you want to.

Persia is an irritating little Kingdom with an outspoken king who disagrees with us. They may pose no serious threat to our empire, but they do grow funny long beards and get this, their men wear long dresses!

They also have the nerve to defend their own territory, to detain and export illegal alien soldiers and spies just like we do, and to talk trash to some of our allies.

Sure, Persia is just as democratic as the Hunnish or Roman empires, but we don't like Persian judges. They ban stuff that could make us money!

So, Attila proposes regime change. Install a regime in Persia who does everything we say, and who sell us cheap resources.

How do we install a puppet regime which is democratically elected? Simple, assassinate everyone we don't like!

If you're crazy enough to want to invade Persia, vote for Attila.


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