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Off With His head

Behead the Bishop

Here at team Attila, we are big fans of tradition. Every year, we sack a city. Once a month we pillage a village.

And we think other countries should get their traditions back as well. Other countries like England.

One area of English tradition that is sorely missed is the beheading of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Not since Henry VIII have we had such a tradition, despite a slate of unpopular Archbishops.

Our present Archbishop has called for Shariah law, under which we would have to stone the old fruit. But we see beheading as so much more, well, English than stoning.

If he wants to get stoned, he can go to the Middle East (or to Amsterdam, where I'm sure he's gone to get stoned many times), but here we say:

"Off with his head!"

Remember, none of the other candidates have promised to Behead the Bishop. Vote Attila if you want it knocked off.

When Attila's not happy, heads will roll.


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