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Mrs Attila

The Hunnies Behind Attila

Throughout history, there have been many Mesdames Attilas, but only a few have been remembered.

Let us now discuss these forgotten Brides of Attila.

Demonica, the Sadistigoth, helped to torture St Genevieve and others before deciding that the city of Paris was "too boring to burn to the ground."

Burnadith, the Styligoth, who made cookies for ten thousand romans in exchange for three tons of gold and a really cool dog-collar necklace.

And of course, Arcadia, the Skinnivandal, who on a girl's night out painted the entire Colosseum pink with purple polka dots while Attila, Theodoric and Aëtius were out playing war games in some field in France.

(It is said that Arcadia saved Rome. When Attila found out that the colosseum was pink and purple, he no longer wanted to sack Rome. He felt sorry for the Romans, and begged Arcadia not to do the same to Trajan's column.)

All three, as well as other Mesdames Attilas, will be voting Attila.

Do you take Attila to be your Emperor ?


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