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Huns and Romans

Nice day outside and want to play like Attila? Why not go for a game of Huns and Romans?!

First off, you need at least two teams. The hardest part is always deciding who has to be the Romans. I suggest you take it in turns.

Or, if you're from a large family, your parents could force whoever doesn't eat all their vegetables to play the Romans. (Remember, good warriors must always eat their vegetables.)

Once you've chosen two teams of Huns and Romans, you need something to throw. Nerf bows are always good, or you could opt for water guns. You could also use paintguns. Don't use anything that could hurt like stones unless you're fighting against real Romans. These are for the archers in the game, and you don't want to hurt your fellow future warriors just yet.

Each team has one general, some archers, and some ground troops. But unlike other games like this, the sides are not equal.

The Hun side gets twice as many archers as the Roman side. To be fair to the Romans, their ground troops get bigger sheilds than the Hun side.

When you get shot or hit with a soft stick, you have to stay still for twenty seconds. You can still move your sheild around, but you can't move your feet. You must count to "20 centurion" if you're a Roman or "20 Barbarian" if you're a Hun outloud before you can walk again.

When you're frozen and two enemies touch you at the same time, you're captured. Then you have to go behind enemy lines in their "capture box" until you're traded, or until you're rescued by two friendly troops who touch you at the same time.

If you need to use the toilet while captured, you're out of the game and no one can free you. Call a time out, leave quietly, and return to the game in your captured state. Call time out again if you go back on the field, and explain that you're captured. By then the game will probably be over and others will complain that you're interrupting their game of Tag or Hopskotch.

The goal of each team is to capture the enemy's general.

If the bell rings before a general is captured, count the number of captured troops (including those in the toilet) on each side. If that is also equal, count the number of frozen troops. If that's equal, Huns have won. (hey, I said no one would want to be the Romans).

Other outdoor games will be coming soon. You can always send us your own.

Vote Attila, Huns always win. *

* Technically, Romans could win if they capture or freeze more enemies than Huns.

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