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Custom Short Story

With a little bit of schooling, anyone can put together a website. It doesn't take much to use a template. Why should you hire a webdesigner anyway when you can do it yourself right?

Are you sick of websites that have nice rounded edges, nice looking but with nothing to look at? Are you sick of reading websites that are less interesting than the adverts on them? Are you afraid that putting your product online won't be worth the time and money you spend on it?

You're right, if your website doesn't stand out, there's not much point putting it online. If the website just looks like all the others, no one will go to it, or at least they won't remember it.

The Internet is not like a High Street that customers can just browse. Something has to grab their attention. Something like a story.

Sometimes true stories are great. But sometimes you need a new story, one that illustrates a point much quicker and in a more fun or poignant way. Sometimes you need a story that makes sense to the "newbie" or those uninitiated, something which will get their attention and get your customers, viewers or students to find out more.

With a background in teaching and writing, our Horde knows how to tell stories.

We'll create a custom website just like this one, ready for you to edit for a fraction of the price of a TV advert.

Like what you see here? Think this imagination could be used for one of your campaigns?

Get a custom made short story today!

£5,500 pays for the deposit. We can have most sites ready for you within one month.

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