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War, Booty, Kin

War, Booty, Kin

This empire needs a nappy change!

Something's foul in the land of Denmark. And Aaargh! Kansas stinks as well. It's like the world is one big funeral pyre that hasn't yet been lit. Or, to put it in the nicest possible way, this empire needs a nappy change!

Linguistic Change

Every word you use is wrong! Too make things more fair to uneducated dyslexic aliens, the entire language will be remade from scratch.

Scientific Change

At the Attila Campaign, we propose to ban everything that isn't taxable. That includes unpatented medicines which can be made at home, well water, Natural sunshine, and anything else you can get for free.

We propose to hire scientists to prove that everything free or easily made at home is bad for you, and everything artificial that must be made through a complicated (and highly taxable) process is good for you.

At club Attila we have a saying:

«Whatever Floats your boat, as long as it doesn't sink our ship!!» 

That is, if we can tax it, we'll tolerate it (as long as it isn't opposed by those who pay higher taxes).

In other words, as long as he can pay up, the highest bidder wins.

Remember, at team Attila, Booty is the Bottom line™.


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